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Just six letters and yet one of the most powerful words in any language. Contained within this word is the ability to completely overhaul your own life and get what you want. What you deserve. To no longer be where you are and to boldly climb over the various challenges and push-back in-front of you. Change allows you to reject the parts of your life that are not right and embrace the ones that are. This simple word allows you to believe in something outside of your current situation. Contained within the notion of change is the ability to imagine and see a different you, a more centered, powerful and content you. Change gives us hope, and with hope can come the endurance and tenacity life sometimes requires.

When we truly believe that we can improve our life, then we become more willing to do what is necessary to get it done. Believing in change can have the effect of leading a person from in-action to action. Powerful actions, both small and large that can have a dramatic impact on who we are and where we are going. Change points to human adaptability and perseverance.

We should remember that only humans have the ability see themselves, not as they are, but how they could be.




The Always Forward Attitude

In my own life I have had, like many others, trials and tribulations. I have allowed myself to work in highly negative environments. I have been in unhealthy personal relationships. I have bounced between healthy and unhealthy eating habits, gaining and losing weight throughout the years. I have made poor financial choices, and at times allowed precious time to go buy while I sat doing nothing to change it. I have procrastinated on the important things I knew I should be doing and I have delayed and deferred on my own life goals.

No more. One day I decided to change and take on a forward direction attitude.



Steven Poplawski

Director of My Forward Living
President of Step Training Inc. |Police Officer (ret)| Professional Speaker | Educator

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Donald Back

Professional Presenter

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Adele Back

Customer Support

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Recent Academic Publications

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