Finding Your Why

Belief + Action = Change


Take the first step in developing the “Forward Living Attitude” and join us as we help you discover your unique and powerful WHY.

“WHY” is the fundamental question that each of us must answer for ourselves. If we do not know why we are doing what we do, then there is no real connection to it. It leaves us completing actions or tasks with no sense of purpose. We show up to work in the morning with the “thank God it’s Friday attitude” simply going through the motions. This will never create contentment in ourselves. We will never be fulfilled and truly happy until we know why we do what we do.

My Foward Living seminar series assists individuals in finding their own “WHY”.

What would get you to work even when you are feeling sick? What do you get excited about in your career, home life, hobbies, and family?


Course Content

When you adopt an Always Forward Attitude for your life, you can weather the transient storms because you recognize they are temporary and passing in nature. You can pick yourself up and you can move in the right direction, sometimes slowly and methodically, and sometimes like your feet are on fire, but you move. Your life is simply the accumulation of all the actions you have taken or not taken so far in your process.

  • Complacency in our lives. Be careful watering tigers.
  • How did we get here? Taking responsibility for our actions or inactions.
  • Why? What is it that drives your behavior? Is your life based on action or reaction?
  • Structure. What we do is on purpose and by design.
  • The power of lists. Set your own course.
  • The big picture. Living beyond this moment.

This program is available in the following two formats:




The talks, seminars and professional classes of My Forward Living help both individuals and organizations to set clearly defined goals, apply proven techniques of achievement, and master consistency in their approach.

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