Managing Conflict

What is Conflict?

The word comes from the Latin word “confligere” which means to come together for a battle. Conflicts can be physical, but more often they can be a conflict of ideas, process or opinions. As a customer service representative, you need to address the root cause of the conflict through tools of communication, de-escalation and validation.

In understanding the process, it is not helpful to think of it as a “battle”. In a battle, it is assumed that one side wins and the other side loses.

Reframe Conflict Management

Customer service professionals need to reframe conflict so that is seen as working together towards an acceptable solution for both parties. Through professional compromise, everyone wins on some level. The totality of the event is considered beyond the specific moment of conflict.

The courses taught on conflict through My Forward Living teach the student tools of managing emotional triggers, unreasonable behaviour and ego. We look at physical positioning when faced with hostility, managing customer venting, directing actions and reducing tension. Voluntary compliance is the desired outcome.

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