Mission Statement



My Forward Living is a representation of ideas and beliefs I have held my entire adult life. Having spent over 40 years in martials arts, two decades in professional policing, and years of coaching and lecturing, concepts of training, structure, practice, consistency, belief and prioritization have guided me past obstacles, both in my professional and private life.

I have seen first-hand the implications of procrastination on people and business, and have pushed back against conformity for its own sake, opting for a deliberate and chosen path. Build a workplace of personal achievement and watch your company grow.  Build a foundation of personal growth for your employees and you will always have options when confronted with challenge. My Forward Living teaches employees the interpersonal skills of communication, de-escalation and validation.

For me in the beginning, it was about health and fitness. In 2005 I began working with people to achieve specific health and fitness goals. Teaching them about diet, resistance training, consistency and graduated intensity. After spending many years coaching people in fitness, I came to realize that lasting change is about belief in the process and yourself, not gym attendance. Even the most committed are only at the gym a few hours a day. The hours not at the gym are the ones that drive a person forward or hold them back.

Beginning in the early 2000’s, I have mentored and guided new police officers in the development of skills and a forward training attitude. Helping them to understand that it takes real discipline and a commitment to the training process to succeed. You have to be open to new ideas and you have to set the bar high. Passing a particular test was not the most important part of training. It was always about the work you put in and continue to put in to meet the standard and rise above it. Minimum standards are not for forward living people.

With twenty years of coaching, mentoring and instructing on achievement, I believe that it is always about taking specific steps and holding clear intentional beliefs. Success comes from a predetermined course, anchored in belief and driven through consistent deliberate actions.

As we approach 2020, there are many people who are looking for change. People that hold good intentions, but lack the specific skills of success. My Forward Living is there to assist with the development of skills and building a structure that will support achievement for a life time, beyond the initial fleeting motivation. You will learn to create your own success.

My Forward Living is made up of a group of professional (international) speakers, trainers and coaches with expertise in setting priorities, taking fundamental actions and above all, developing a clear and concrete “why”. We teach to the skills of list building, influence, massive action, communication, de-escalation and forward living.

Privilege and luck are not to be relied on. 2020 holds unlimited potential. If you choose, it can be the year that launches you forward in straight pursuit of the goals you have set for yourself, both personally and professionally.

Your life by design.

Steven Poplawski