Professional Communication Skills

Is effective communication natural? Do we all innately possess the skills of communication?

At My Forward Living we believe that communication is a practiced skill. The ability to communicate well with others, under a variety of circumstances, takes deliberate training and applied practice. Professional communication leads to understanding, and that in-tern sets the stage for the positive outcome we are trying to achieve.

My Forward Living courses will take the student through specific tools which form the bases of professional communication. We look at validation, active listening, pausing, re-direction and body language. Communication is approached as a partnership, working towards common goals and outcomes. The techniques taught can be applied in emails, phone, texting and in person.

The courses offered on communication through MY Forward Living use Reality Based Training (scenarios) in order to allow the student to put into practice the skills and strategies taught. The course focuses in on the “application” of skills, and moves past simple academic theory or power-point presentation.

As a professional, your success is highly dependent on your ability to communicate well. Up-grade your current skills in this key area.

Be a leader, learn the art of My Forward Living.

Vision, action and relentless pursuit of your great life becomes a way of living, a way of being.

~Steven Poplawski


The talks, seminars and professional classes of My Forward Living help both individuals and organizations to set clearly defined goals, apply proven techniques of achievement, and master consistency in their approach.