Scheduling Your Own Success

When we write down our tasks we take ownership of them

If there has been one daily habit that has changed my life, it’s been the power of lists. For decades, author and speaker Brian Tracey has advocated the writing down of daily, weekly and yearly goals. Working and reworking your “lists’ on a daily-bases. Refining and prioritizing your tasks, tackling the most difficult ones first. When we write down our tasks we take ownership of them. It becomes our own responsibility to complete them. We learn to hold ourselves accountable. It is a way of taking complex problems and goals and reducing them down to single tasks. Once this daily habit is understood and applied, it can have dramatic positive impact on your life.

Learn how to create lists that work for you

Get the foundational training in prioritization. Learn to work smarter not harder. Develop the art of identifying time wasters, and learn to focus on the things that matter. Every sail needs small repeated adjustments in order to keep the ship on course, this program helps you apply the same approach to your life.

Be a leader, learn the art of My Forward Living.

Vision, action and relentless pursuit of your great life becomes a way of living, a way of being.

~Steven Poplawski


The talks, seminars and professional classes of My Forward Living help both individuals and organizations to set clearly defined goals, apply proven techniques of achievement, and master consistency in their approach.