Self Development

Those willing to work at their goals are not dependant on luck

What is one of the major keys to being successful? Why do some succeed where others fail? The truth is everyone failed at some point in the process, but a select few decided to keep moving forward. To not stop. That despite the failure they got up from the ground and tried again. Sometimes this process was repeated many times. Try - fail - try again. This is the difference between success and failure. Failure is only permanent when we stop.

Take control of your life by making success a choice

Success requires repeated action and dedication. The vision of what you want needs to be powerful enough to pull you through the disappointments and set-backs.  To steady you when you are about to fall. The always forward speaker series assists you in finding your “why”. What drives you? Define your own personal vision. Learn what actions and attitudes are necessary to be successful. Learn to do what others won’t, so you can have what others can’t. Luck is left to those not working at their goals. Take control of your life by making success a choice.


The talks, seminars and professional classes of My Forward Living help both individuals and organizations to set clearly defined goals, apply proven techniques of achievement, and master consistency in their approach.