Watering Tigers

                                             The Pitfalls of Complacency

Imagine a life where you consistently achieve the specific goals you set for yourself. A life that moves in a forward direction, moving past obstacles, stressors and push-back from others. A clearly defined goal achieved through adaptability, discipline and consistent actions. A non-complacent life.

Complacency is often viewed by people as something small and subtle. An action, or lack of action, that stops or delays us in doing what we know must be done. This is the opposite of a forward living life, and must be approached with absolute seriousness.




We must view complacency as a tiger in the room


Imagine you were in a room that contained a real tiger. Now this tiger was not attacking you directly, in fact it is laying down and has its eyes closed. It seems not to be very interested in you or what you are doing. However, while in the room everything you do is effected by its presence. Where you stand, how you move, noise, and actions are all directly influenced. It prevents you from taking certain actions, and forces you to remain still.

To escape this situation, you must be deliberate and specific. Each thought, action and decision are made with the goals of separating yourself from the tiger. You move carefully, but you do move. You make a plan on how to escape without being attacked then you execute that plan. If you run into problems, you adjust, adapt and continue to move in a calculated way.

Complacency is like the tiger, influencing your very success

The mere presence of complacency hinders your ability to act as you know you should. In order to be successful and achieve higher levels, we have to be mindful of complacency and be present in this moment. As soon as it moves into our space, we need to decide to move as far away from it as possible. Like the tiger, the closer it sits, the more danger we are in. It may not derail your life immediately, but once it strikes, you are left with a reactionary response. You are left to defend yourself. Better to plan and take action before it strikes.

Have discipline and take great action to avoid and evade the tigers of complacency that would stop you


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